Kruger National Park

The celebration of the World Cup has rpopiciado the expansion of offers of trips and flights to Cape Town. Table Mountain. This mountain which is located next to Cape Town, from which to enjoy the views of the entire national monument the City and its beaches. He can be reached on foot or by a cable car. Its Summit is more than 1000 meters of altitude, and in it there are various viewpoints. Robben Island. This is part of the history of South Africa, Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for more than 20 years.

Today, as with the island of Alcatraz in San Francisco, it has become a tourist attraction. To arrive at this island you need to take a ferry. Kingdom of Lesotho. It’s a small independent country within South Africa, a place of some two million inhabitants in the heart of this country. Its former name was Basutoland, is independent since 1966, and is currently a democracy that is governed under a constitutional parliamentary monarchy since 1993. Lesotho is a country attractive, arid, with various regions between the mountains and the Plains, with agriculture as one of its main sources of revenue, along with the sale of water to South Africa. Soweto.

It is one of the largest cities in South Africa and soon become the largest. Its population exceeds one million and a half inhabitants. Here was where black Africans were housed during apartheid, one of the darkest chapters in the history of the country. Camps. There are several African camps that are in the most unexpected corners of the country, staying in one of them, such as Lesedi, near Johannesburg, is one of the possibilities. You can stay in a traditional cottage and see how they live in this African culture. Kirstenbosh. The garden Kirstenbosh botanical is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world. There are more than 500 hectares cultivated and protected as a natural reserve, with more than one thousand of species of native plants. Reservations. It is indispensable in South Africa to do an organized tour, some of the savannas of the region, to a nature reserve, where you can see wild animals, like lions, rhinos, elephants, antelopes, crocodiles, monkeys the two most important areas are the Kruger National Park and the area of KwZulu-Natal, where addition is they are various accommodation available for stay among beasts. More animals. Lions and elephants aside, the fauna of South Africa gives us the possibility to enjoy the sighting of birds in areas such as Kruger National Park, or see cetaceans off the coast of the Bay of Santa Elena.