Labor Code

Today I decided to write about the order of dismissal in particular their time. Probably each of us wrote a statement on the dismissal. The reason for such a step may have different circumstances, the need to quickly for a new job offered better working conditions in another enterprise, a misunderstanding with the leader, constantly delaying payment of wages, long working hours, etc. In this case, it is often question as quickly as possible and to organize their liberation. The general procedure for dismissal of an employee provides that an employee must work two weeks after they will be filed for dismissal. C another – the employee do not want to spend their time and energy on work that it no longer satisfied. This situation may be multiple outputs. For example, if the employer does not comply with labor laws, the conditions collective labor agreement or employee is entitled to dismissal on their own at some time they (Part 3 of Article 38 of the Labor Code of Ukraine).

For example, according to Art. 115 Code of wages must be paid to employees at least twice a month after an interval not exceeding sixteen calendar days and not later than seven days after the end of the period for which payment is made. Violation of this rule employer is grounds for termination of employment and dismissal of an employee at a certain time they. The labor law provides for other cases of dismissal in certain named period. In particular, Part 1, Art.