Latin American

They capsize in the mind it that its mother-in-law would be one would be threat to that community pacifies! She is as it said: pra what! To invade? They order my mother-in-law! The information obtained for it, were supplied by these two ' ' eta people estranha' ' . That one ' ' eta' ' calado had opinion little favorable to the species human being, but this until the human beings agrees. when Mac demanded so that they said who were really. Had looked at they it with its great eyes and were the last thing that Mac Alexander would remember: On them When she woke up of a brief instant. She was seated in its car that was parked outside of the road, under a beautiful rising Sun.

A police patrol was to few meters. One of you vary that its mother-in-law, after a hunch, makes to look for it. They had recognized it to the policemen. Mac Alexander asked to the Bob policemen and Gonza’les, already they had served with it. If they were same in the Land! The Gonza’leses who were an American South-North of South American origin and origin Latin American. Cocluiu that something very serious happens with its former-commander: where tomahawk was its missile? It never went to no place without it! Mac did not remember what it happens to it, the least is what it affirmed. Three months later. Mac Alexander was submitted to a session of hypnosis for the doctor Max Von Meyer.aps it, Mac remembered everything! The general counted that aliengenas* of a thousand or ten a thousand worlds demanded the Land.

They had not only invaded it for respect and fear to an unknown species for they themselves! Mac Alexander, in the general interest of the humanity, demanded the Land for the inhabitants of Earth! What it was will consider an insult and they had suspended the meeting for indeterminate time. It was then that they surprised to all, demanding the Land for itself exactly! they had entered in panic and had run away! Mac was returned the Land to pressas! A part community understood it for ufologia and only was thankful! To another one it saw in what it considered an attempt to conquer the world. This having to be an south-north-American. We are its witnesses. This story was written originally in February of 1978, having been adapted. *Este story was written at the time, as well as many others for the intention of being funny. But they understand: He does not import its creed, race, religion, or not religion, or incredulity, but friends, identified flying objects do not exist. exists very before the existence of the LUFTWAFFE, United States, British, French, Russian, Israeli, Brazilian the Air Force, meteorological and not meteorological balloons. Invisible and visible airplanes, and of drones, and not-manned air vehicles. My respect to all the community and all the people who had passed for some experience, also of historical times. But the times when we believe we do not understand, or when we want to understand, we give up in advantage of a safe port. A vision of world based on a maken a mistake civilization, but that it is insurance until the same world if shakes.