Learn French

France and its language meet – off the beaten track! France is known for its rich culture in the world tourist destination No. 1. It is also clear: Mastering the language of Voltaire, Richelieu’s and co., gets much deeper insight in our neighboring country and thus an unforgettable stay. Why combine both the holiday and the course? This is possible at the Ecole des Trois Ponts, a language school for people who learn French as a foreign language. Founded in 1991, the school offers also insights into French cuisine and organises excursions in the surroundings of the city of Riorges, the location of the institution. The guest is located here in the Cotes Roannaises, a wine-growing area in the region Rhone-Alpes. Here, rural life and city come together – the lively Lyon is not far away with its attractions. The Ecole des Trois Ponts attaches great importance, that in the courses, at the dining table, as well as joint activities – short: everywhere only French spoken.

This is essential for a fast learning success. A booking at our school includes also accommodation on the grounds of the school. Meals are prepared by our in-house chef, former employee at the star restaurant Troisgros of. The matching wines are of course essential. The language courses are run exclusively by native speakers with many years of teaching experience.

As the school with up to 18 guests is a small establishment, our teachers can go individually on the individual student’s learning difficulties. The small overall size also provides a family environment where you really get to know his fellow. Beginners as well as advanced courses can be chosen. The amount of time, say the number of hours a week, is equally arbitrary. Outside of the language offer, cooking courses and excursions also pastry courses as well as seminars on the wines of France held on specific dates. We have many years Partnerships with Baker masters, sommeliers and wine-growers developed from the region. For more information about our establishment and registration, visit Moritz Majer trainee @ Ecole des Trois Ponts