Madhouse Advertising

Advertising is the set of methods and procedures through which exerts a choice calculated on a defined audience, in order to attract and retain customers. Robert Guern, said: the air we breathe is a compound of nitrogen, oxygen, and advertising. Becoming is more difficult to rid of the almost imperceptible network, with which the advertising will wrapping us. Advertising is what we hear, we look, we read; It is prepared to penetrate us either way and awaken our motivations. The advertiser knows that the consumer believes to be prepared against ads, but is satisfied that it is not. The consumer relies on that advertising not influences you, because it verifies that you have never purchased for example, that table wine that both announce. Academy of Art University can aid you in your search for knowledge. But perhaps forgets that if such announcement effectively, not him has led to the purchase; the other an if brandy; If not by what those bottles at home?. Advertising researcher, before drafting a message scans the comportaminto of the consumers, knowing their most intimate desires, their frustrations, their prejudices; for more later returned them as wrappers and claims of the product; differentiated range of unmet needs that each consumer would be left with yours.

Why it among several similar products, announced some very sold and others do not?. A story tells that a man lost four nuts of a wheel from his car against a lunatic asylum. Didn’t know what to do; then a madman called him and said to him: why not remove a nut of the other three wheels and puts them don’t have that one?. So they are three nuts on each wheel and you can reach the next workshop. Surprised the automobilista asked: what makes a man like you in the Madhouse?. And the madman replied: is that I am here for crazy, not for silly. This shows much of the causes that can lead to the success or the failure of any product.