Malta Malta Popeye

3. Mellieha > Popeye village 7 min / 4 km from Melliha out we go back a little piece on the Highway 1 direction of Bugibba. In a large bend you will find right a small sign stating: Popeye village! Turn here a to get to another highlight. Coasts, beaches of Malta to Malta Malta Popeye village have been due to the good light weather conditions made several film productions. For the production of Popeye a whole village was built in the 1970s for it in a small Bay artificially. Learn more on the subject from medical billing system. This village is has been rebuilt to the adventure bath Park and can be accessed for 7 euros per person.

Malta Popeye village coasts, beaches Malta even if you do not wish to enter the film scenes, we advise you to take the way. You have a free look at the entire artificial village from the opposite rocks. 4. Popeye village > Tower red 9 min / 6 km from Popeye village it goes back to Mellieha. Of Mellieha is heading north to one of the best known fortifications of Malta, the Red Tower. If the Red Tower reach, you will quickly realize why you built this fortress here: because of its views. Malta Red Tower of this castle, you can far in the inner country of Malta and the islands of Comino and Malta look over. In the Red Tower a Museum is housed, from lunchtime until in the afternoon siesta makes, so set a visit, closest to the morning.

Digression: water supply! Malta is considered the starved nation on Earth. Only 15 to 20% of rainwater can be collected and used. According to the United Nations, Malta is the starved nation on Earth due to the large evaporation and the limited capacity of fresh water. Malta Red Tower 5th Red Tower > Armier Bay 6 min / 2 km if you the steep road from the Red Tower shut down, go to the main road 1.