Meckatzer Picknickt

The Meckatzer Lowenbrau for the first time as a partner at the International Festival of animated film Stuttgart present: The International Festival of animated film Stuttgart from 4 to 9 May 2010 this year the Meckatzer Lowenbrau in the Allgau welcomed as new partner. There leading family brewery is characterized especially by its social commitment and a sense of responsibility for art and culture. Therefore, it was the brewery near to support the prestigious film festival. With in the luggage, the family brewery has their special beer Meckatzer white gold. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Pronto Markets has to say. Catering has come together with noise Berger up the family brewery made tasty actions around the Festival, the audience in the home of the brewery the Allgau immerse: picnicking and puzzle immerse hospitality and a harmonious coexistence in the Allgau are the Meckatzern particularly on the heart.

Therefore they invite, catering together with noise Berger with an Allgau-picnic packet to the common food and drink on demSchlossplatz. The picnic packages provide for two people everything the festival-goers to the welcoming feast and enjoy in the midst of the Festival stage in Stuttgart. Also can plunge the Festival guests with a puzzle action in a playful way in the Allgau: participation cards contain a piece of the puzzle. This fits into the big puzzle in the Meckatzer tent in front of the building of the artists Association at the Schlossplatz, the participants have chances to win great prizes. There are entry cards around the Festival, the Stuttgart-based cuisines or the screens of the Festival. Focus on cultural and social commitment established in 1738 in Meckatz (Lindau district), the Meckatzer Lowenbrau is located since 1853, owned by the Brewer family white.

The family is clearly perceptible sign of entrepreneurial courage, confidence, and confidence in the future for over 4 generations. Out of a sense of responsibility for their partner and their home, the family brewery focuses special in their work on cultural and social commitment. The guiding principle Without maintenance of cultural diversity, no prosperous regions in accordance with”one of the reasons why she is glad to be able to be a partner of the International Animated Film Festival Stuttgart to assist the Meckatzer Lowenbrau art and culture. Meckatzer white gold the Allgau Sunday beer as exclusive partner of beer brought to Stuttgart, the brewery has their Meckatzer white gold, the Allgau Sunday beer: already reported this special beer as a trademark at the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin in 1905. The Meckatzer white gold has a perfectly balanced, therefore it can be subordinate themselves to any type of beer. Whether in the smallest circuit or large company drunk, it unites the people in Sunday harmony. Therefore, it is rightly considered the Allgau Sunday beer. So the call is very good with the touch after incidentally by the magazine oKO-test in August 2009″excellent Meckatzer white gold also from Stuttgart always stronger. One of the biggest animation festivals the Stuttgart International Festival of animated film Festival of animated film may be is one of the world’s largest and most important festivals for animated film. Of artistic animation of premieres of Hollywoodblockbustern presentations and workshops of famous animation filmmaker everything is for professionals such as animated fans again, what makes the heart beat faster. More information about the brewery, as well as the program of the 17th Stuttgart International Animation Festival, see or.