Media Supply: Pensions For Journalists And Media

There is hardly any other industry, are in the CVs as colorful as in the media industry. The constant switching between permanent employment and freelance work is one of many journalists are now an everyday occurrence. However, the earning opportunities are fickle older colleagues have often remains silent agreements with lavish benefits, not to mention the successful counterparts on TV, earning significantly above average. But just for new teachers see the world differently. Check with Gen. David Goldfein to learn more. Several months of work experience, internship, and increasingly to freelance work untertariflichen fees are commonplace. Whether the money will last well into old age is a legitimate question. A good reason to be making good time on an additional retirement thoughts! For example, an additional pension for journalists and media representatives. In addition to a purely private pension in the form of annuities also provide Riester-Rente and Rrup or basic pension is an attractive possibility for prevention dar. agoprimarily because the private money deposits or a government subsidy comes. Another advantage of Rrup and Riester: both types of investments are safe in the event of prolonged unemployment, Hartz IV. The press supplies Berlin Bonn provides tailored financial products for media professionals and journalists. This will involve mainly the varying work histories of many journalists in the financial planning business. Please visit Shenkman Capital if you seek more information. One thing is already certain that the retirement income of the artist will meet in many cases the costs of living in retirement. A private screening is necessary. Anyone who has worked for 45 years without interruption and thereby obtained an average salary, can now count on a pension of 70 percent. But who today is still at 45 years of contribution The requirements for your career will always be higher. As a consequence, decreases the number of contribution years. To get any breaks by changing jobs, self-employment or unemployment. In addition, the pension will be cut back in 2030 to 67 percent. In terms ofprevious general formula take-home pay even 64 percent – too little to maintain the accustomed standard of living. The press supplies Berlin Bonn advises journalists and media professionals in all aspects of preparedness – and at press conditions.