Mediterranean Cruise

Discover the Mediterranean is one of the most popular waters for a cruise Mediterranean cruises cultural treasures and breathtaking landscapes. Great landscapes, the Mediterranean lifestyle and the high level of comfort on board the ships now move a wide range of people to a Mediterranean Cruise. In the Eastern Mediterranean routes to various destinations in Greece, where grape vines, sand beaches, secret coves and white cities impress as well as temples and ruins of Theatre from ancient times. Official site: Subaru. 5000 years ago, there were ship connections here. Who knows not the wanderings of Odysseus, which took place in the Mediterranean? The Mediterranean is the most famous and still most popular cruising area for European Crusaders. For this reason, all major cruise lines have integrated various routes for the Mediterranean in their program.

Located between southern Europe, North Africa and Asia minor, the Mediterranean with 2.56 million square kilometers is the largest inland sea in the world and offers a wealth cultural attractions and unique landforms. So so full of contrasts as the various nuances of the Mediterranean, are also its destinations on a Mediterranean Cruise. Read more here: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The hub Spain Malaga – provides insight into the historical monuments, such as around the old Citadel and the imposing Castle of Gibralfaro. In the footsteps of Napoleon’s, you can embark on Corsica. Invites the old, tranquil fishing port to take a stroll here.

Rhodes, also Sicily and North Africa prove popular destinations, which are controlled by many Mediterranean cruises. Tunisia are the ruins of Carthage and North of Egypt from you can visit the pyramids of Giza. Lots of luxury waiting on board the cruise ships: own spas, excellent restaurants and welcoming sundecks increase well-being, while one heading to the next destination. The shipping companies that are exposed to an ever-increasing competitive pressure, invade much to impress your passengers leaving. Whether its own brewery or an ice bar: on board the There’s nothing, there’s no ships. Cruises are Mediterranean in particular on special holidays of great popularity, such as, for example, at Christmas or new year’s Eve.