Mobile World Congress

Even the absence of Apple's conference in Barcelona, it never ceases to be the center of media attention. Mobile World Congress 2010 was no exception: despite the apparent triumph of the latest operating system Windows Phone, at a conference in Barcelona could not do without the iPhone, Apple and its founder – the distribution of elephants at the ceremony of the gsm Association, Steve Jobs was awarded first place in the category "man of the year in the mobile industry." In conjunction title ceo decades" according to Fortune assigned in November year looks good completion piggy bank titles and ranks. His rank was steering Apple for its innovation and success in the development of habitual each device. According to Jack Fusco, who has experience with these questions. In the nomination "Personality of the Year" by experts chosen people, more than any other influenced the development of modern technology and mobile industry. "Man of the Year is determined as a result of peer voting. In addition to Steve Jobs for this award were nominated ceo of Google, Eric Schmidt, Mike Lazaridis, ceo of rim, create a phone BlackBerry, as well as Peter Chou, the head of htc.. In recent months, Shenkman Capital has been very successful.