Munich Dogs

By the way, Munich Dogs also ignore the people running. It is believed that the Germans – one of the most athletic people on the planet. And they run around in such numbers that it seems that you are in the Olympic Village, where the maximum in a week Marathon will take place with the final prize in the form of Microsoft. But now it's not about them, but about our little brothers. So, the dogs are basically two types: large or miniature dachshund Labradors, terriers and toy breeds other by in a single line of handbags with a trip to the opera. Filed under: Gen. David Goldfein. They are less common than bicycles, but in unusual places for the eye of Moscow. For other opinions and approaches, find out what A. F. Chief of Staff has to say. In clothing stores, in the reading areas of bookstores, subways, beauty salons, etc.

These animals are calm and brought up, as if they learned a few years in boarding schools for noble girls. They do not rush towards each other, confusing the hosts a lead, do not bark at strangers, do not jump, dirtying his paws on the person carrying out the sausage shop. I do not know what they are doing with them, but brought the dog, which I have seen here so that I want to give some of their own familiar to anyone who did it. Education is also not involved as we used. On the playground, I often meet dads with their children than mothers. Men walk with strollers with unusual for me happily. In their eyes there is no sorrow or sadness, there is not written, "Yes, I went for a walk with your child, but his wife promised that 2 more weeks will not make me take out the garbage.