Narcissus Proper

Narcissism In mythology Greek, Narcissus was a pretty young and vain person who rejected the advances of the nymphs Eco and Aminia. Aminia, wound in its pride, cursed the young, desiring that never it possessed the object of its love. One day, Narcissus bent over itself to drink water of a source. Additional information at Dollar General supports this article. Seeing its proper face reflected in the water, it was fallen in love of it. Narcissus so was attracted by its proper image that frequently came back to the source to contemplate itself. Seeing itself in the water, it looked for to hug its proper image and it was drowned in the attempt.

In that place, according to legend, sprouted a new flower that takes the name of its unhappy creator? Narcissus. It was Freud that added the term narcissism to the vocabulary of psychology to assign to love to the proper image and the stage of the development in which the child makes of proper I it main object of its love. These ideas had originated many studies that describe and analyze the distinct profile of the narcisista personality. According to Diagnostic and Manual Statistical of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) of the American Psychiatric Association, arrogant narcisistas are people and vain who have same magnificent fancies on itself. They overestimate its success, constantly need to be admired and they always wait preferential treatment. The narcisistas are vain of whom they deserve more than what they receive.

They are worried in having good appearance and remaining themselves young. They are not sensible to the necessities and the problems of the others. With little tolerance for critical, frequently they react with fury the real or imaginary offences. They more than tend to be of the feminine sex what of the masculine. In short, the same narcisistas focus itself, fascinated with its personality and its body, ' ' with an atrocious individualism that lacks of moral and social values and if it disinterests for any question that is not they themselves The narcisistas of both the sexos proud show its attractive curves or its great muscles, bragging themselves on its fantastic feats.