National Museum Acropolis

The capital of Greece – Athens – could attract guests for only their Acropolis and the Parthenon, its National Museum, which holds one of the most stunning evidence of the greatness of the ancient Greeks. In Athens, visitors will experience sacred charm of monuments and works of art of the ancient culture. They can relax in the quiet beautiful beaches under bottomless blue sky and radiant Mediterranean sun or feel the tension nightlife. The potent combination of antiquity and modernity introduces everyone who first gets in this city, a state of unreality, which remains as long as the ancient history of Athens is not consistent with this in mind this beautiful city. The successful arrangement of Athens allows for one day to travel to the ancient theater Epidavros, city Navplio, to Delphi, Corinth and ancient Mycenae, as well as cruises to the neighbor islands Andro, Poros and Hydra. Opportunities to relax and have fun here are endless. No matter what part of town you are, everywhere seen the Acropolis – a symbol of the soul and the genius of mankind. If the Acropolis – a crown, the Syntagma Square is the heart of modern city.

Here is the Greek parliament (the former Royal Palace) and the monument of the Unknown Soldier. Around the square are many small street cafes, where it is pleasant to rest and drink a cup of sweet Greek coffee. Walk on the old part of Athens, Plaka, located right at the foot of the Acropolis, can be called a journey back in time: the winding cobbled stone streets, old buildings, cafes, organ-grinders, traditional taverns and cozy restaurants with an exquisite kuhney.Govoryat that there is even air a special, as if soaked in the spirit of antiquity. Plaka swallow you into its labyrinth of narrow streets and the charm of its uniqueness, and you'll never forget pleasant moments spent here. Athens – a city that never sleeps. During your, albeit short, stay in Athens you will create the necessary impression. Here you communicate with people in kafenio that arranges its tables on the streets. After sunset, life goes on until late at night in the taverns and restaurants, and even later – in dozens of theaters, night centers, and on artistic and cultural activities known in world of the Athenian festival. Wherever you decide to come, you make sure that the Athens nightlife is diverse and unique as the city itself.