Nikolai Rubtsov

He travels a lot for the country: Private Company, festivals, concerts, participation in community projects, often visits his native Transbaikalia. One of the most striking facet of his talent – singing. He's a great performer. Each of his songs – as a small role, a mini-spectacle. At his concerts, which collect a full house is always bright and touching atmosphere. And sings the soul, not ligaments. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of music downloads on most websites. A love song from his childhood, even from his mother.

She sang, danced, played the balalaika, Alexander Yakovlevich which holds to this day. – We frequently with my mother for two voices sang – 'Lipa centuries',' Outside cherry sways', 'In the wild steppes of Transbaikalia … '. I am from the Old Believers. I do not know any better in Russia than the Russian folk songs.

I like Russian romances and songs of the Civil War, gypsy tunes, singing the old days and, of course, the Cossack folklore. In our program, 'The Enchanted Wanderer' has songs based on poems by Nikolai Rubtsov, Vladimir Volkov, Vladimir Oksikovskogo, Roman priesthood spiritual songs. – You are such a thrill and delight talking about the song … Why did you choose for yourself is way to communicate with the audience? – We have long come a surplus of dark emotions – the monstrous distortions of our time, the negative energy. And it is necessary to happiness was. Today people do not have enough heat. A person – creation of God. And I want a little help to them – in a word, look, give some light. Song – she as a spring, to bring light, to strengthen their faith. In the song I sing is not so much as touch it … like the creek. And I walk into the room with a candle, light it, pick up a guitar and sing. 'We hurried back from the front "Today, Alexander Mikhailov experiencing a particularly painful for the fate of Russia, for our culture, age-old Russian tradition.