Online Credit Portal

ADU collection: interface for online shops to the integration of credit information In the Internet is “the most popular, followed by the credit card. customers the payment option on invoice The E-payment options are the most unpopular. Contact information is here: Toyota Motor North Corporation. Most payment method is offered but on the part of the shop owner in advance “and cash on delivery”. Less than 50% of the Internet shops deliver on invoice. But deter many customers when purchasing on the Internet just the method of payment in advance or cash on delivery, thus reduced the attractiveness of the online shops for the benefit of secure payment methods. The purchase cancellation rate increases during the online ordering process, when specifically new customers choose not the payment option, that they want. The dropout rate can be reduced considerably by the inclusion of additional payment options. Most of the payment on account affects”on the purchase of leaving out. An online store offers for example only the variants of payment in advance or cash on delivery, he must, with a dropout rate of about 60% According to IBI expect research. He offers additional payment by debit or credit card, purchase abandonment rates decreased to 36%. With the other bill payment method”even at 10%. “Considered it the question of taking additional payment methods against the background of the debt the study found, that only 7% of the companies is a failure to pay more than 3% of the secure credit card payment” had edit. The bill payment method”, however, causes a default by 41% in the online shop. “Conclusion: the offer of payment on invoice” brings although most buyers, but also the most outages caused. Here can modern claims management its the resulting contribution, thus, claims must not be posted out, but the company go back to as liquidity available. In addition, but always a risk assessment is recommended. This can be performed based own as well as from external data. Internal, auto-collected customer data can be to the matching and Risk assessment will be used. Order history can shed light on the past payment behavior of the customers. A matching against a non-payer list protects against renewed failure to pay, if these customers in turn order and indicate the use of secure methods of payment for these customers. As external sources of credit information available, that offers general accounts receivable and collection service GmbH in the own online credit portal. Both corporate and consumer information can be carried out manually here. Online, the portal 24 hours is reached. Larger amounts are the possibilities of the batch procedure or the import converter available, to facilitate data transfer. For the integration of the credit information in an online shop, the General accounts receivable and collection service GmbH has a dedicated interface, which makes the control of payment variants identified credit index directly in the Web-shop. Companies in addition to the internal, own use Customer data also credit checks, companies offering in customer-friendly payment methods extend, their Internet-shop so attractive especially for new customers make and reduce their risk of payment failure. Despite the use of instruments of the risk assessment, it may yet get a guarantee that a customer pays for non-payment and collection, unfortunately does not exist.