Opel Insignia With All-wheel Drive

Is the four-wheel drive technology safe and economical nowadays that you can drive on snow and ice still safe on the streets. The 4 x 4 actuator was formerly to be found only in off-road vehicles, today there is him also for many other vehicle classes, such as the Opel Insignia. The car Portal auto.de drove the car test. Even with strong icy roads suffice clutch slowly coming to and at best in the second to give gas. Then the pressure fades and the Opel continues without problems. In emergency situations, the parking brake as a dynamic brake can intervene and severely slow the car without using the foot brake on all four wheels.

The four-wheel drive technology in the OPC version and in the insignia to find 2.8 V6 turbo is fitted as standard. The price starts at 35 685 euros. The adaptive all-wheel drive system enables lightning-fast interventions. The power can be distributed continuously between the front and rear axle and between the wheels. The multi-plate clutch can be electronically controlled and works independently of the actual slip.

The advantage: spin the wheels of an axle, the power to the wheels that have more grip, is transferred. The braking torque resulting from sudden gas removal, redirects on the car wheels, so that the vehicle remains controllable. The control unit of the Opel Insignia is not only safe, but also an intelligent partner of the car driver. It recognizes the individual driving style and adjusts it. It also noted whether one is on the highway. Because here no disturbing influences are to be expected, the unit switches off the rear-wheel drive.