If you and will be Italy, one of the places prettier than you cannot leave to visit you are Capri Arc Naturale and Pizzolungo. Estradinha saw To have swallowed is one that it seems to have saido of the time Roman. It is repleta of hotels, one gracinha and pure charm, the restaurants also is magnificent, since everything this is in the way of an exuberant vegetation. I can say to it that the landscape is really to lose the breath. You enter the buildings of the Way to have swallowed, suggest to it Church German Evanglica, Villa Discopoli, Villa Lo Studio, where the famous poet Pablo Neruda was and the celebrity and exuberant hotel Punta Tragara. He saw To have swallowed of the sight for the Faraglioni rocks, a famous tourist point of Italy. Of it, to the left a parcel of the coast of Amalfi can be seen, that will make you to be thankful to have opted to this stroll, such the beauty of this place. There how much to the hotel, I recommend Hotel to you Certosella, that despite it is 3 stars is an enchantment, with sight for the sea and famous beaches of Capri.

This hidding place paradisiacal he is situated in Way To have swallowed and is encircled by majestical building and restaurant and villages In the truth, it is in the place prettiest of the island of Capri, thus if you want comfort, but also to delight with a sight lindssima, cannot lose this tip. This hotel of panoramic sight was made in a property of century XIX, has a swimming pool lindssima, ideal to rest and to enjoy of these delights. As you already must have perceived, a trip for Italy offers a thousand possibilities, which go since resting in a paradisiacal and relaxante place, with a fascinating sight, until a diving in its culture, knowing deep its gorgeous constructions, monuments, museums and history. The family is without the shadow of a doubt an excellent choice for the vacations of all. Ideal place, without age limit.