Many people today talking about repairs, know in advance that anything good he does not promise. You ask why? This is completely justified, because if your neighbors start to repair, you can say goodbye to quite a long time with a quiet life as a constant noise wallpaper hammer or punch that apparently did not help. After a while you begin to realize that this horror will never end, and will run without interruption for a dinner and sleep. And yet in high-rise building there is the following rule: if someone from the neighbors (top, side, bottom, even next door) makes repairs in the apartment, these noises do not break ever. Not a very pleasant looms Perspective? Can I somehow avoid this? The most reliable option – it is moving into a private house – so there is no hurt to enjoy peace and tranquility.

In a country house like no one will prevent you from enjoying the repair work even from morning to night, and you will not feel any remorse. Transfer – this is certainly good, but it was a joke, so you have to accept the idea that completely free from this problem nearly impossible. For more information see Jack Fusco. There are, of course, more extreme methods available to reduce the level of various noise effects. Option soundproof own apartment, of course, is possible, moreover, he can bring some fruit but completely insulate themselves from outside noise is unlikely to succeed. There is another great solution to this problem, it can make anyone who is going to do the repair.

All civilized countries have enough long practiced this way, it suits absolutely everyone, but for example, Italy is the norm. There's all repairs, even small, previously agreed upon with the people who live in neighboring apartments in the the basis of this is made clear timetable for carrying out all necessary repairs. Unfortunately, in our country that is still far away, but it's nice to start repairs to prevent, at least, the neighbors who live behind the wall. Why do this? But for this purpose: to clarify some details of the daily routine neighbors, it is possible to incorporate them into your schedule. Probably almost all the neighbors who work on ordinary working days, will not mind implementation of any noisy activities during the week. But we should not forget about the people of old age and young children, as they have a rest day, and it does not depend on the day of the week, given that at the time of their naps can try to abort all quite substantial construction work. Taking into account all the wishes, we can plan the repair work, so that no one interfere. But since the repair is not only the use of jackhammer or drill, all the other work can be done at any time. You must always remember that our attitude to the neighbors generates their relation to ourselves. And if everyone who reads this article, listen to it, then, perhaps even life in a single home life will be quiet and peaceful. For a site to site, 'Repair: Problems and Solutions "section:" Repair quietly'