This technique, in addition to reassure us, helps us not too gesticulate and to avoid that the people realize the possible tembleque that tends to invade us in these situations. Do not use pens or play with rings, this demouestra nerves and insecurity to your audience. 4 Outline what to say: by very well it is known his speech, always good point a few words that can help you to not remember some points which treatment throughout his oratory intended. These words can write them or can help a PowerPoint, this way people will have another point of attention and you will be like a true professional, since his speech seem more prepared. 5 Rehearse before a mirror: look good, that’s you.

What he sees in the mirror is what will see its viewers, try improving your presence looking good and being critical. Give the speech in front of the mirror to see what you think. 6 Speak slowly: A way to pretend that one is not nervous is thinking: I will speak slowly. When one has something to say, it seems that sooner tell it, before it ends, and that is true, but the idea is to say it well and if it is expressed with calm, come a time that you will notice that calm. 7. Elegant clothes, but comfortable: If you do not usually wear a suit and the event does not ask, do not wear it. A shirt can be equally well. If it is man, can accompany it with an American, and if you are a woman, with a jacket, although, of course, possibilities there are many and depend on the image that you want to give may choose one or another model.

8. Do not get nervous before the questions: normally, is a presentation or a meeting, usually having a round of questions. As I’ve said before, not passes nothing if you don’t know the answer, important thing is be sure to say that he doesn’t know. If he hesitates, it seems that it is wrong to not know it, but if he responds with naturalness, nothing happens. 9. Drink water: the water allows you to clarify the voice, think what going to say while you drink and relax, finally and after, never use alcohol or carbonated beverages. 10 Look to its viewers to the eyes: they are people and if you look at them, will pay more attention because you will notice that are talking to them. Infinity is not the best. Raymond James pursues this goal as well. These have been the ten techniques to get you to get speak well in public. I know that the theory is easier than the practice, but when you have spoken a few times, everything will be much better, In addition you will learn techniques that will facilitate you the task. First of all remember: talk to security and their viewers will believe him. Feel free to practice against their relatives or office mates, can obtain a critical objective to be able to continue improving their techniques as an orator. Original author and source of the article.