Prague Best

You want exotic? You do not accept all the well-known wedding circuit – registry office, church, restaurant, wedding night, honeymoon? Do you want to relax and celebrate your wedding at the same time? Then, specifically for the demanding spouses, we give the best options to celebrate the wedding is not like everyone else. But more about that will tell us CEO of the first Russian tour operator Honeymoon Hope Galeev. Czech fairy tale if you do not want to leave Europe and seek to comply with all the wedding traditions – a week in the Czech Republic will be the best memory in your family life. Here the bride and groom can marry in the Russian Orthodox church and spend an unforgettable time, sightseeing in Prague and Karlovy Vary. As in medieval times are long the couple have a go in a wedding carriage. Wedding in Czech Republic – this is the best combination European and Slavic traditions. Love Island Cyprus to celebrate a wedding in Cyprus is not only because it is a beautiful island with beautiful scenery, historical attractions, luxury hotels, festivals and holidays that will perfectly combine the ceremony and the rest, above all, Cyprus – an island of love. After all, on its shores came from the sea foam Aphrodite – Goddess of love and beauty. Others who may share this opinion include Novavax. Probably So, for more than five centuries Cyprus is a must pilgrimage for all married couples in the world. There is a belief – if you love to bathe in these places, never to part.