Prepare For The Birth, If One Is In The 36th Week Of Pregnancy

The birth prepare in their 36th week of pregnancy congratulations ready yet to have come. You are now in the 36th week of pregnancy, and in a week you will be ready to have your baby. They are now 36 weeks pregnant and have held your baby now. The birth can occur so at any time. If you count the pregnancy from the moment of conception date, now exactly 9 months have expired.

Some people attach different bases for calculation, namely the date of the last menstruation. After 36 weeks the baby in the basin has been moving and his head pointing downwards. You can feel the pressure. There are many problems that has a lady in this time. If you find it difficult to eat your normal meal, less but try often to eat so that neither you nor your baby are deficient.

The good side is that your heartburn should be less. At the end of the week your baby in the lower abdomen will wander. This could be slightly uncomfortable to fill in your vagina and cause that you have to constantly on toilet. Perhaps you feel are consistent contractions in your uterus, perhaps or maybe also not blowing. If you feel these contractions more than four times, you will need to visit a doctor. Some interesting facts about the stages of birth when you have a baby for the first time, you’ll notice that you were never so proud. Pregnancy involves the following phases. The first stage begins with early labor and ends with the labor right. Here you have contractions that are getting stronger. Your cervix is affected and probably completely dilated. Early contractions are difficult, because one they hardly by Braxton Hicks can be different. If your cervix is open to 4 cm, the early pains end and insert the proper contractions. If your cervix is open 10 cm, this is the beginning of the second phase of the birth. At this stage pressing indeed so that the baby out. This may take a few minutes to several hours. The last phase begins when your baby’s head is visible, and comes out your baby. The doctor will then turn the baby and keep his shoulders as soon as his head is out. The doctor or the midwife will then clean the nose and the mouth of the baby and cut the umbilical cord. This probably happens in the 37th week of pregnancy. However, even in the 36th on it, one should be prepared and know the three steps. If you’re in the 36th week of pregnancy, you can get your child at any time. It is important to know everything about the birth. If you want to know more about the different types of birth, go to by Warren Wong