The disadvantages can also be attributed that the speed of color printing Compared with black and white is very low. Laser printers Laser printers print the principle is similar to photocopying. They also have the printing drum, and they also used the powder toner. Only instead of light affects laser beam. Laser printers to print is always in full resolution, the printed pages do not require time for drying. The cost of consumables for lazernikov not great. Cartridge yield for a large number of prints, and it can be repeatedly re-fill cartridge, which is inexpensive.

However, they are much more expensive than inkjet printers. Another shortcoming – they allow you to print only black and white images, Color printing is available only on very expensive professional color models. The choice between inkjet and laser printer is dependent on the purposes for which it is used. If the main function to be performed by your printer – it's printing out black and white text, and use it regularly you are going, it makes sense to buy a laser printer. If there is a need for you print both text and color images, of course, need to struynik function as a color or black and white printing. (As opposed to Sonny Perdue).

Printers If you are using a digital camera and want to print the photo yourself, you should pay attention to Printers. It can be struyniki with 2 extra nozzles (light cyan, light magenta) to get rid of graininess caused by too sharp transition of color, or dye-sublimation printers. Sublimation printers have a special tape that is pressed against the paper and heated, after which the dye penetrates into the tape with polyester coating paper. Printers themselves are relatively inexpensive, but supplies materials (ink cartridges and special paper) do work with them expensive. Key Features When buying a printer in addition to determine the preferred type, it is necessary to pay attention to characteristics of specific models. One of the most important things is, of course, print quality, which depends on the printer resolution is measured in dots per inch. In laser printers the resolution may be between 600 dpi to 2400 dpi To print the text rather than 300 dpi, for print graphics – 600 dpi, for high quality photo printing – 1200 dpi. In addition to permission to print quality is also affected by other factors such as quality toner and paper. Another relevant characteristic – speed. Print speed indicates how many pages the printer prints per minute. With black and white, it is usually somewhat higher than that of color. When buying a printer you need to consider that the description of the model usually indicates the maximum speed, which is possible with the lowest quality (adjusts the printer). When choosing an inkjet printer you should pay attention to the amount, color ink in the cartridge and cartridge in the pages. In conclusion, we reiterate that before I go to buy a printer, you must clearly define why you need it, and what characteristics are most important to you. Then you will only choose one of the models that meet your needs, and enjoy the comfort of home, which he will provide.