Professor Johann Haller

The author looks to every sentence he has written, in addition to the actual Editor both the corresponding wording and terminology entries from across databases as the marks of the rule-based quality assurance by CLAT. That a high, perhaps the highest efficiency potential for translations in the consistent wording of the original text is uncontroversial among experts”, explains Professor Johann Haller of IAI Saarbrucken. The IAI has developed the authoring tool CLAT and linguistic intelligence is one of the leading institutions in the area. “This relates for example to the consistency of the texts. Snoring control devices may help you with your research. Used technical terms in different varieties, so multiplied the number of variants with the number of languages. “The same is true for grammatical or other errors of wording.” As another instrument, record lengths can be limited or defined style rules, for example, depending on the company area or text type.

“A unified response of the reader as one” or you “or the consistent use of active structures affects the Consistency and clarity of the texts. But above all simplifies the subsequent translation to a large extent. Another way to minimize translation costs, can be the recourse to formulations, for the translations already exist. crossAuthor linguistic is the only tool on the market, both the datenbank – as well as on the rule-based approach in a single, integrated environment. The editor has so all information, to decide in case of doubt, for example, between the adherence to a style rule or reuse an existing formulation. Through the integration of technologies relevant for product communication and methods be synergies, streamlined processes and improves the quality of content”, explains Jurgen Sapara, responsible for SMA solar technology AG as head of technical documentation for the editorial staff, as well as the issue of multilingualism. This leads not only to quality source texts, but also and above all to better that. faster and more cost-effective foreign language versions.” Chance to learn