Psychologist Everywhere

The words 'I am a psychologist' when dealing with people who are not frequently visiting the training or not attending at all, often have a magical meaning .. or rather, even the two magic values. Part of the people frightened of what they now "lay the on shelves' and escape from the process of communication. But a large part, on the contrary, revives and takes a step forward. Frequent phrases in this population 'Since you a psychologist, then tell about me that I kind of man', 'And here I have a poser 'and so on. Often when people make this such a person, and express these emotions, that really want to help.

And some colleagues could not resist the temptation. And this can begin a rapid process of professional strain. 5 steps, both professionally and emotionally deformed burn quickly and efficiently: think about work constantly, in any spare vremyStremitsya help all people, which, as you seem to care just needed – even if they have no zaprosV normal communication with ordinary people eat a lot of professional jargon and terminovRadovatsya when he met another potential recipients and distressed (or annoying) when the recipient refuses to help or leads, not the way you rasschityvaliPovtoryat it every day, until the disappearance of interest in the profession through the dangerous strain are, I would venture assume all of our colleagues. Some cope, some do not. The author of this article also did not pass this temptation (so you do not think that we are pretending to be holy).