If you constantly make your life simple, always repeat the same things and actions every day, and few distractions with your partner, can she get bored and lose the excitement they felt when they met or when they recently began their relationship. Now it is important to know how to recover an intimate relationship, the answer is very simple, the solution is simply to spend time in places where remember her cute moments, return to visit people who were important in their life, all these actions motivated your partner to feel the same emotions that felt in the past. The days pass and you analyze that your partner does not yield according to your plans, may be another problem, we have previously described a bored wife of routine monotony, but, there may be different causes that originate have a conflict in your relationship; Another reason is that your partner this depressed psychologically, here it is necessary to consider whether you’ve neglected your partner making it feel less beloved, ideally try to make a conversation wherein several times mention of their best qualities. As retrieve a relationship of couple other considerations there many things that you should avoid, as blame your partner for the situation you are facing, because many uninformed people will advise you how evil recover an intimate relationship. Is then necessary that each share a space to spend time alone, because you can make something routinely spend much time together and all know very well that any thing or action established to ends contract problems, because this helps you feel a little independent, useful and be able of proven oneself who have the ability that you can pass a single time without that special someonebecause after that they become reunited, the excitement will be more grande. On the next page you will learn some tricks to win back your ex. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again.