Ruhr Numbers

The AS information services GmbH is expanding its professional conference services AS call to more local a dial phone numbers in 10 countries since the launch of AS-call phone conferences can participate participants from around the world about a German access number on a conference call. For callers from Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Singapore, Spain and the Switzerland are now local fixed network numbers in the own country they can be reached at national connection prices. “Telephone conferences run by the globalization and to reduce travel costs increasingly across borders. With the activation of the local dial-up numbers from abroad offers the initiator of an AS-call conference call Conference guests an additional service and reducing call costs at the same time for his interlocutor”, explains Andreas battle, Managing Director of AS information services GmbH, the operator of AS-call. Music downloads has similar goals. The new international single election numbers are starting immediately, all users of the professional version AS-call available. Activation is free of charge in the customer area on. In the introductory phase up to 30.10.2010, the use of the new single choice numbers free of charge is possible. From the 01.11.2010 only forwarding costs in the amount of 5 cents fall to the initiator of an AS-call conference call NET / 5.95 cents to gross per minute.

About AS Info Services GmbH the AS information services GmbH is a provider of value-added telecommunications services based in Mulheim an der Ruhr. That of Andreas battle and Alexander Stellmach founded company offers tailor-made solutions for service numbers (0180, 0700, 0800, local service numbers), telephone secretarial services/Callcenterdienste, as well as for professional teleconferencing. More services covering the operation of SMS gateways. Offering their services AS information services GmbH to companies of any size, as well as to the SMS service provider turns and Resellers. Press contact: AS information services GmbH Hardenbergstrasse 18B 45472 Mulheim/Ruhr battle of Mr. Andreas telephone: 0208 941398-0 E-Mail: Internet: