Russian Federation

apartment has the burden of its content, and hence must pay for utilities. However, not many know that the charges for public utility services is made up of two parts. One inseparably linked with the apartment itself – the so-called payments for housing services (housing, pay for rent, service charge of maintenance, heating). It is paid regardless of the fact of residence in the apartment. The second part depends on the individual consumption of data services to citizens living in this housing.

It's cold and hot water supply, sewerage, electricity and gas supply. Quite logical that if the apartment no one lives (or lived, not all), then use the same lower power. Therefore, the legislator has established for all of us "indulgence", namely: "In the temporary absence of payment for certain types of public services done taking into account the allocation of payments for the period of temporary absence of the citizens ". This means that you originally paid for the unused amount of utility services will go to the payment of real consumption of services (in the new payment system will be zero or less by several times the amount to be paid). The order of conversion charges for public utility services in the event of temporary absence is regulated by the Government of the