Salvation Be – Rainer Sauer/Deushomo

“The healing is a natural, genuine and eternal peculiarity of the divine creation of healing their time space grant” includes in particular the souls wound, the pain or the respective sense of itself, its justification to the existence and the space and the time to heal, to the transform to concede. And of course also, if necessary, the whole transformation process, to give the respective erforderliche and appropriate attention. Jr here. Lovingly, to deal with the wounds, with them to be patient and that really as long as once it takes to obtain the salvation of the soul. This bedeutet here quite specifically, I judge me here without restrictions according to the need of souls wound and listen to what she needs on time, space, and attention, try to understand what it me no doubt in the form of their own communication way delivered. It is there, that we (as we still too often do) claim not being healthy or even try the recovery artificially to accelerate. Or that we otherwise interpolating force to this recovery, because we might believe it is enough now, that took long enough, and also I just want to, that I was working now again”.

And also that I only fairly apply the more destructive version of destructive tantrums when I get car such as a broken leg, and I hate this leg in the moment, because it is not so used me as I’m used to it. And me then even to condemn and even bestrafe (apart from the fact that I maybe can accept me in that moment and in this situation the need of help even my vulnerability and Unvollkommenheit reminiscent of will.) I think it is not uncommon that we deal with our pain, wounds and feelings so inappropriate, and it should be easy for us to realize that we not hamper so the healing be and healing be to the considerable extent, even in so many a case make it impossible. Nevertheless, it is a fact that the adequate handling of, what our conscious help and support or to speak plain language, our love has become required, long still not self-evident for us.