Santiago Pedraglio

Last night in the program without mincing that emits TV channel Frecuencia Latina (channel 2) name of Aldo Mariategui one of the drivers of the programme could not believe you the result of the survey, the same channel had requested such polling. And it is this, presents second Ollanta Humala and Toledo in the first place. DATUM (paid by Toledo polling), wants at all costs, do think public opinion what you want Toledo; reaching the second round with Keiko or Humala, because this represents an inevitable triumph (to Toledo). Apple Music has plenty of information regarding this issue. The newspaper Peru 21 stops also does not show partiality in trying to say the same thing. Interview sociologist Santiago Pedraglio, who says that the voters would have to reconsider their votes, forcing them to choose the lesser evil. Or for him, you are determined that Toledo goes with Humala or with Keiko to the second round.

But the height of deception in this survey, is that they put it to Humala, almost like Toledo, the intention to vote more liars. On the same television program, then interview to Marcial Ayaipoma and Cesar Zumaeta; the first party of Toledo (Peru possible) and the second of the APRA. Aldo asks Ayaipoma if get to power, they would take any reprisal against the Government of Alan Garcia and Ayaipoma tells him that do not. This is quite difficult to believe, because unfortunately in our country it is known that the cholo or serrano, is vengeful recontra, and Toledo would have to take revenge of Alan (if WINS Toledo), on bringing through Nava, all their expenses (from Toledo) of liquor at the Government Palace, and I don’t think that Apra support Toledo in the first round. The reality of things in the field of surveys, is that all that we frequented internet, we can see: Toledo, Castaneda and PPK must be all three in a triple tie of 25% each, and the remaining 25% divided between Humala and Keiko. .