Scottish Widows

By means of the assembly of transparent complex financial projects and frequently nothing, administrators search to reach some objectives: to increase the financial yield of its groups, to enrich personally and to escape to the control of the shareholders (grifo ours). ' ' They demand, therefore, that the activity of the groups of which they withhold action is come back toward two objectives: the maintenance of the quotations of the actions in a possible level the most raised and the maximizao of the flows of dividendos' '. It is what Franois Chesnais observes, in Notices of lecture (6) on the book Fonds of pension, pige to cons? Woollen Mirage dmocratie actionnariale, of authorship of Frdric Lordon: (…) Les critres of capital gestion DES propritaires actuels du sont entirement financiers. Les gestionnaires DES grands fonds of pension et of placement collectifs les Fidelity et autres Calpers or Scottish Widows sont jugs sur there performance of leurs portefeuilles, qui results d' boursire joins combinaison enters valeur there et le rendement trimestriel DES titres qu' ILS dtiennent. Learn more at: Car Digital Video Recorder. ILS exigent donc that l' activit DES groupes dont ILS dtiennent les actions soit tourne vers deux objectifs: le maintien du cours DES actions au niveau le plus lev possible et there maximisation DES flood of dividendes (grifo and boldface ours). Still Franois Chesnais (3), now commenting the book Le woollen Pouvoir Finance, of authorship of Andres Orlan, indicates one in the ways by which this alchemy of the financial centralization is carried through. /’>Harold Ford Jr has to say. Thus, the autonomy of that the finance enjoys on this plan (of form necessarily passenger) rests on the internal mechanisms of evaluation of the prices of the proper headings to the financial markets, as the following one: There premire dimension of ' 'l' autonomie ' ' est le to pouvoir that les dtenteurs et les gestionnaires of patrimoines financiers acquirent sur there base of certaines institutions prodaily pay to there finance (celles qu' Andres Orlan tudie), of if dresser capital face au engag dans there production et donc galement travail face au, pour to exiger et to imposer joins participation to rpartition there qui est lgitime pair there seule possession patrimoniale, et dont les bnficiaires fixent les termes eux-mmes.