Service Quality Department

Iolite M. Specialize in the manufacture of various steel structures for industrial and civil construction. Construction and manufacturing steel structures, with different purposes can not be installed without any fixings. Start installation and concrete work can not begin with a complete set of the object fixtures. With the right mix of inserts for albums and typical projects you will provide secure attachment. Precise positioning of any metal mount and concrete products. Any installation work begins with the installation of inserts.

Fixtures are mounted directly in front of installation work on the installation of steel structures. Our company Iolite M completes and produces fixtures for all the metal. During the construction of prefabricated buildings for the installation of needed mortgage details of album and standard designs. Typically, the name and a list of bonds to be in the project. Fixtures have always been in demand in the construction of the bridge structure of plants, hangars, hydro, production lines, pipelines, floodlight towers. Fixtures are usually denoted in the drawings pl, respectively, ms, mind, ni. Making mortgages designs done according to GOST and albums. Mortgages details of plate anchors, embedded design, data structures are made of plates of thickness from 2 to 200 mm, anchor rods and valves.

Bonds metal used in construction of frame-panel high-rise public buildings, industrial buildings and ancillary industries in the construction of the frame series, assembly and light frame structures, fixtures for the products of non-metals, insulators. In the manufacture of fixtures used metal cutting, metal bending, bending, fitting, thread rolling, thread cutting, plasma cutting of metals, plasma cutting, welding, inserts, treatment of edges, priming, corrosion protection mortgage construction, packaging, marking a mortgage according to specification. Learn more at: Michael Steinhardt, New York City. M Iolite our factory manufactures steel metal fixtures. Our company produces metal fixtures of metal, sending embedded plate is marked with many others, welding electrodes made of inserts and in shielding gas, the installation inserts made before mounting. The series, Ghost T4-10-60, and a series of 1.400-6-76, denoted in the draft fixtures. Fixtures used to set the columns, Curtain Wall, Aluminum mounting profiles, process equipment, heat exchangers, fixing, fixing tanks, fences, stairways, fire, cellular towers, floodlight towers, hydraulic structures, quay walls, installing staircases swimming pools, retention tanks, process reactors, crane runway, reinforcement frames, chimneys, stairs mortgage bearing and protecting designs, fixing guardrails, metal gratings, louvre gratings, elevator shafts, industrial pipelines, tunneling, fixtures frames, equipment maintenance areas, fences, windows, doors, installation of garbage disposal. Mortgages are made of metal flat and long steel products. Mortgages made galvanized and primed. Iolite M manufactures and adjustable mortgage details. Adjustable fixtures have the ability to adjust. Which allows use of controlled mortgages to reduce the time of installation works at the facility. The right choice and making the mortgage details, the success of a good installation. For delivery of inserts with internal thread and external thread protected against thread damage caps. Before installing the fabricated metal plugs must be removed. The choice of materials and fittings for the mortgage details, see the specification. Calculating fixings done individually, the price the price you can get the price terms of our managers. Timing and delivery. > Produces and manufactures fixtures, metal, metal. Production of these mortgages details are under the strict supervision of our Service Quality Department. Our team is happy to help in making the supply of inserts, metal, metal.