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To create a customized Web page, they adapted to the respective Contracting Company. A fully functional content management system allows even after the Web site create a up-to-date and independent management of the site. In addition the business basic Web pages with the company with a cost-conscious basis for own success on the Internet and practically for all budgets grow financially. Create website: writes great service the contracting company receives a customized, professional website which enables business objectives such as customer acquisition, DCs – and image development and global co-operation. A company opted for a business basic Web template on our page, it goes to the website create”, explains Richard Hagl’s Advisory and implementation process. Together, we develop the optimum website, individualize the desired design and make the appearance after release online. Ihor kononenko has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The customer receives after the Web site create the necessary access data and maintains its contents a. Of course We care even after the Web site create all aspects of maintenance and continue to support the customer if necessary. Us is”important that he is really satisfied, concludes Hagl. “” Create Web page after taste: Classic or picture companies that create an Internet page can be at core consulting, basically have the choice between the classic types of Web templates “or picture”. More Web templates are in work.

The website business basic classic offers everything need craftsmen, doctors, or law firms for a professional and serious appearance: high-quality, optimized for corporate design with multiple customization options and sustainable sustainability through numerous expansion options after the initial Web page create. “Website business basic picture”, where also a mood strong background image can be selected, is ideal for those with particularly high graphical requirements: with high-quality design, the package provides create for the Web site various customization options and sustainable future through numerous expansion options. Especially for sports Web pages, event pages, or pages to the introduction of a new product is this solution for creating suitable Web page. Both packages include installation and 690 euro create individualization at the Internet page at for unique net available. Hosting and maintenance to cost 19 euros per month net. Current offers and more information about the business basic solution and to the Web site, under, create webseitenentwicklung-muenchen/business-basic. About the core Consulting GmbH, the offer of is based on many years of business experience from IT and Web specialist Richard Hagl. As a foundation stone for a holistic-thinking consultancy designed excellent solutions to the website create core consulting for each claim with a special focus on startups, self-employment and small and microenterprises. Since April 2010, the business basic solution complements the Portfolio of Web solutions of core Consulting GmbH. press contact: core Consulting GmbH Richard Hagl m road 63 80337 Munchen phone: 089 38 15 67 13 fax: 089 85 46 65 08 E-Mail: Web: