Sony Play Station

The best device for viewing HD videos are HD media players. In fact it is the same Blu Ray player, but without the tray BD / DVD-rom (in some models of HD players – Pocorn C-200, Dune 3.0, you can insert the drive BD-Rom, thereby obtaining a universal BD / HD player) Details iPods and chips on which they are collected in the survey can be found in other articles. Before buying a HD player is recommended to get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the product, special attention should be paid to the characteristics of the chip (CPU) and a list of supported codecs and containers. You can view movies in HD via consoles Sony Play Station3 (PS3). The instruction is now on the third, an important component – the receiver signal HD, or in other words, on TV. Which LCD or Plasma better choice for viewing high-definition video? If the plans show movies in 720p (HD Ready), we can restrict our HD ready or Full HD LCD or Plasma diameter of 17 – 37 ‘For the full enjoyment of the video with a resolution of 1920×1080 (Full HD), might better Full HD TV with a diameter of 40 ‘and above, or Full-HD projector. By the way, in some models of LCD Samsung and LG inserted multimediapleery, although with reduced functionality, but can reproduce some of the containers movies HD. Manufacturer and brand the panel – to your taste and budget.

Do not forget an important component of movies – a good multi-channel sound. Even the best TV no able to transmit multi-channel sound without external speakers. Correctly picking up and setting the receiver / amplifier kit acoustics c 5.1, you will be able to immerse your head in the atmosphere of the film.