Sudtirol SellaRonda Hero MTB Marathon

ALREADY OVER 500 REGISTRATIONS FROM 20 NATIONS. Selva as last October 20, 2010 the organizers of the South Tyrol have released the new portal of the event and at the same time the inscriptions SellRonda Hero MTB Marathon, there was a veritable rush online and for the applications. Result: After 48 hours, there were already over 100 enthusiastic mountain bikers, who decided on Saturday, the 2nd of July the “Europe’s hardest mountain bike race”, cycling Europe, to provide that the toughest competition in the panorama of the off-roading. It was just waiting to take on the challenge! 5 months before the race already over 500 applications and today, nearly five months before the South Tyrol SellRonda Hero MTB Marathon has increased the list of participants already on 528 mountain bikers, and while it is surprising especially that the echo of the “hero”, at its first 2nd Edition, has already exceeded the national borders. 20 are actually among the first five hundred previously enrolled participants, already non-European Nations represented. Of course the Italians represent the lion’s share, with more than 300 entries (and of these 20% of the region Emilia Romagna come). The presence of cyclists out may not surprise Singapore, India, Australia and the United States, so the organizers explain: this result confirms the excellent international interest for the South Tyrol SellRonda Hero commented Gerhard Vanzi, has conceived of this event along with Peter Runggaldier and last year for the first time “realized” attraction the technical requirements of the route, as well as the beauty of the landscape of the Dolomites have., the, and because we always like to remind recently declared to the UNESCO World Heritage.

It is also no coincidence that the event has confirmed such beyond the limits, as Val Gardena, the centerpiece of the marathon stands out even in winter as that destination of in South Tyrol with the largest proportion of an international audience. Applications from 1 February 60 Euro come we now to the registrations of which the Organizing Committee is limited to a maximum number of 1500 mountain bikers. The registration fee until April 30th is 60 Euro (plus 10 euro deposit for the chip). “” Also this year the participants of the South Tyrol will receive a high-calibre competition package SellRonda Hero MTB Marathon: a deuter race X backpack specifically for mountain bikers, a hero race Jersey-limited edition “from Gore bike wear and a bandana” from Jane. From a technical standpoint, little will change compared to the opening ceremony of last year with the two routes that represent a real challenge: the harder is the marathon course about 82 km, but we also have commented on “almost” all accessible track about 50 km get both lines show the natural beauties of the Dolomites Peter Runggaldier.

You run around the Sella Massif and touch the four Ladin valleys Gardena Alta Badia,. Arabba and Fassa Valley and the Alpe di Siusi, the largest mountain plateau in Europe.