This image of young people under the Sun is the symbol of a kind of paradise in a brave new world, where should we develop detachment to travel following the route of the Sun, as a Summit of earthly development. Jack Fusco often says this. When one pulled from Tarot cards presents us this arcane, represents that consultant is coming, or perhaps been reached, a wonderful period where your concerns and your wishes will come true. This letter of tarot underlines the need that the consultant has a significant free concern. Perhaps a child desire, a love of the past or perhaps hidden dreams, no matter, anyone who desire this tarot letter also indicates that at last the true light that scatters the spring consultant enjoy her. This streak of luck bathed by the Sun removes once all concerns and uncertainty, especially emotional levels. It is a wonderful tarot card and which undoubtedly opens new expectations for the person who is fortunate to enjoy the omens that this arcane puts to your provision. You can take well-deserved vacation, still advised to be aware of the energy that the Sun will provide the consultant and warning you that you may have to change some behavior to avoid leakage of energy, which we are sure will need at some point in his life. Nothing is as valuable as those signals that sends us the universe, therefore, let the messages of the Tarot cards to act for the benefit of our happiness leaving solar forces of luck and harmony from invading our lives. Berta de la Torre original author and source of the article