Sustainable Reduction

The subconscious reviews of causes of stress to the positive can be to change with this CD program. Chronic stress reactions of the body, such as elevated blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels or digestive and sleep disorders, resulting from two factors: A common cause of stress and a subconscious imprint, which negatively assess the specific causes of stress, the so-called stress-amplifiers. Source: Sonny Perdue. This imprinting and thus the stress response associated is strictly individual. Program with a new trance (or relaxing) can be changed the subconscious programming. The change causes, causes of stress is not more so negatively evaluated.

The listeners of about 30 minutes program running in a State of relaxation, itself already is reducing stress. Through positive suggestions, old evaluation programmes in the subconscious mind are deleted and replaced by new, which positively assess the causes of stress. You create more serenity and sovereignty in dealing with the everyday situations. The trance program there for five different groups of stress amplifiers, such as the perfectionism (“be perfect”) or “Is popular”. It has been developed by Marcus Hein, who is a trainer and coach, and very successful work with senior executives. “Just when executives stress in its chronic form is represented.

And that brought me to develop this innovative program. It has been tested with great success already been. “, says Marcus Hein. Information about this program, see. There is also the procedure of test, as can be determined, which stress amplifier is individually the most pronounced. Marcus Hein mental and organizational consulting