Technology and TV

All this means that such a "smart" unit may well be built into more and more increasingly popular system of smart house. Cozy Technodom Another sign of this gadget – the emergence of new features designed to make our communication with technique easier and more enjoyable, but life – well-equipped and comfortable. In this case, speaking on contemporary functionality, it should be noted that, unlike cell phones or cameras that are personally ownership, household gadgets are often used by all family members. Therefore, during their development must take into account not only personal but also common interests. The most telling example – television.

How many family scandals arose from the inability to simultaneously watch multiple channels. Technology, picture in picture "is only partially solved this problem, a more promising path may be a method called" . Principle Work technology "is a tiny filter that is located outside the firewall. The device sends an image in two directions simultaneously blocking them to the audience, sitting at different angles to screen. In order to simultaneously watch sports and tv series, no longer have to disperse into different rooms. On the tv screen you can see different images, is just 30 inches apart. The introduction of this technology involved Corporation Sharp. Is not always to create a modern gadgets required the development of complex and sometimes quite simple and ingenious idea.

Thus was invented the blender with the alarm clock function. Inside this unusual devices are balls made of foam: when it is time to stand up, the blender starts to work, uttering not a very pleasant sound. Such a device can claim to be a new subject household appliances. And they, in turn, there is so much that British inventors have come up with a gadget to search for remote controls, represented in large numbers in every apartment. A device called Loc8tor will to detect missing items within the apartment, beeps and specifying the exact location of the necessary things. To Loc8tor could detect, for example, remote control, it is necessary to pre-attach a small label (called "tag"). Radius Loc8tor is 183 meters, and the device can be configured to search for up to 24 items. If, however, try to look into the future, we may assume that "Home" gadgets will become more closely integrated with mobile communication devices, especially telephones, which are gradually transformed into "remote control" over the house. For example, in some models grundfos pumps provides the possibility of equipping such technology GSM-blocks to receive the signals of the equipment directly to your mobile phone. Similar units in the future may be equipped with almost all devices used in the apartment. This will not only control the operation of devices, but to make the house more comfortable. There are quite funny, but it is life examples. Thus, the producer of tea company pg Tips and firm Orange, makes mobile phones, have created an unusual tea that can receive text messages from its owner. Owner of the pot, returning to work, just send a short SMS-message, and his house will be wait for a portion of hot tea or coffee. Several years ago, the possibilities of modern technology would have seemed like most of us are fantastic. What looks like a fantasy today, quite possibly become an invariable attribute of each home. And even in our wildest dreams we can not imagine what will be the gadgets of tomorrow. Press office ooo grundfos "