The Companies

At the same time I explain to him that to authorize it is not to give him to be able to people, people already has sufficient to be able by its knowledge, we we authorized so that the employees release that power. " To authorize takes with himself a basic sense of being dueo" and it begins with the system of beliefs of the high management. Most of the companies are organized stops to pillage to the people doing bad ace things, does not stop to award it to make the things good. To authorize is a question that begins from above and is impelled by values, unless to authorize nonwrath begins nowhere in the summit. The function of a manager who grants faculties consists of coordinating efforts, acquiring resources, to make the planning strategic, to work with the clients, to train to the personnel and things of the sort. Everything what becomes directs to help the employees to be more efficient. Definitively, this east concept concept began to be used in the management of the organizations at the beginning of the decade of " 90, when from the computer science revolution and the opening of the markets the clients began to have more and more to be able to choose what they think that satisfies its needs, to the lowest cost and with the best service.

As this process of opening continues deepening and the computer science revolution, by means of the Internet and its electronic commerce, it threatens transforming our world of businesses of a way that few cheer up a to imagine, will empowermentpasar to transform itself into one of the fundamental keys of the successful management of the organizations in the next years. The smaller doubt does not fit, than many definitions have occurred and many companies have managed to apply it of successful way. Also many experiences are known in which the implementation of this concept has failed and many opinions that express that this is more than a fleeting managemental fashion.