The Difference

Because we are going to start to autosugestionar us, that idea has value. Loco is who expects different results doing the same things.Albert Einstein. I put the example of this young man, because is that there are thousands of people like this young man, who does not dare to realize their ideas for fear of failing, by the fear of being rejected, for fear of what might happen. As you go spending time ideas are dying, why do we allow the excuses grow? Why we prefer to live in a comfort uncomfortable. In the measure that let us pass the time is less likely that our goal is met, is why many people end up becoming something that in reality do not want to be, and that over the years many people end up having a job can hate.

When people see that your idea is not reality he ends up giving up and says this because doesn’t work, he despairs and he throws away his idea, this happens to everyone. When in fact you needed convincing that it was necessary to move a little more to reach the goal. When actually required to rest a little, to renew their forces and take one more push to reach your goal main. In conclusion our ideas die because we do not take action to achieve a goal that we are proposing, and we have no consistency, nor enough patience to achieve this idea we have in mind is made. Our ideas die because we ourselves invent pretexts and excuses, and we both stick to our desire, we ended up by hurting us. We are not happy until our worst fears come true. Your you have the power to choose, make case to others or want to have own criterion considering other points of view.

You want to transform your idea into reality and want to pull your idea as you’ve done it so many times. You have the power to choose, to transform your life in an atmosphere of well-being and prosperity or simply keeping your life in linear form without emotions. Thomas a. Edison said No I’m afraid of failing, because each failure is a step forward that MENTALITY TE DAS account for the difference.