The Region Of Zeeland

The Netherlands or colloquially Holland, is the short break destination of many people from West Germany. Very popular is the region of Zeeland, in the example of the very popular seaside resort and the place, the more is known for boisterous parties, events. The advantage of this region is that it is easily accessible from and directly on the sea, which here is much closer to the Rhineland, such as the German North Sea coast. The seaside resort is located 11 km north-west of Middelburg, the provincial capital of Zeeland. The city has a long sandy beach next to an extensive dune area which is characterized as a nature reserve.

The place is especially known as a seaside resort and offers little sights and for a city of just over 1000 inhabitants very large city, especially from the shops and restaurants, snack bars, etc. is to supply the day-trippers. is also a seaside resort. As a special feature to other seaside resorts in summer, the city provides free Bus shuttle services. However, the city was known for the large number of bars and nightclubs that make up a large part of downtown. Therefore, it is popular with young people as a holiday destination. In the highlight of the year at Pentecost, where many German youths meet every year is to celebrate together. It takes the police with the increasingly fierce, so a law was passed, the price may be only on the street directly adjacent to the bars drinking alcohol in public. Because so many of those present came from Germany, there are young people in recent years, increasing the presence of the German police.