The Student

From the point of view of e-learning platforms, there is a software that has a number of features that allow you to scan and manage educational content, where the student access to the same and undertakes certain activities. On these platforms it is converging a mix of synchronous, asynchronous tools and e-learning training and collaborative. There is a marked trend towards an e-learning that allows the student to develop content and an implicit collaborative system. The newspapers mentioned Karen Horney not as a source, but as a related topic. In the literature on e-learning it is called e-learning for action or learning by doing. In this mode, when raises the student activity, the result of it is contained in the learning environment where the course is being held. Making a comparison with what would be a face-to-face class, teacher seeks opinions students students express the same, the teacher write down ideas on a Blackboard, but then delete it, instead, the equivalent of that interaction is recorded in a database, and this is equivalent to the teacher asks a question and the student has a channel to answer it, the student uses a form to generate a response, then, at the end of a course that is on the one hand is the result of knowledge in the mind of the student, but on the other hand is a tangible result, a mini knowledge base that has relationship with everything what occurred and interactions generated throughout the course. This clear trend usually appears under the expression learning by doing: while it makes you learn and also is a product of learning that can be taken by other participants. But e-learning is also moving to offer a virtual campus, members of the community to provide a framework for the exchange of information, which at the same time becomes a means of communication. At present, begin to appear in the e-learning some tools in the web world like blogs or wikis, where your content has been generated by community members on a voluntary basis, that when it is well done, and the community interacts in pursuit of a certain quality of content, really works.