To Be Content

Jose Luis is contented. One has been touched with the last conquest: – Male, what long you finish doing! THURSDAY, 12 7,00 h. We have saved the most difficult stumbling block of the Dihedron of the one hundred meters and we get ready to attack the denominated place place of Rocasolano. Navarrese Rabad and put this name to him in memory of a zaragozana place. Snoring mouthpiece addresses the importance of the matter here. This place is turned into an authentic ice track, and we needed more than two hours to be able to overcome it. Jose Luis has had itself to put crampones and we must chart with the mace, because piolet no it bit in so hard ice.

10,00 h. Almost eighteen hours uninterrupted of work and hardly without being able to prove mouthful, because the difficulties are immense. There are lengths that take to us more than two hours, and with the aggravating one of which the securities are minimum. In any case, we are contentments. The time continues being good and Jose Luis responds admirably. For minutes he has been giving a spectacular length, making sure in an improbable place.

12,00 h. We are to forty meters of a cave located on the place of Rocasolano, and that is by its dimensions and situation, ideal to bivouac. But to exceed those meters supposes the most important risk. In order to secure our intentions we must retrace steps all Rocasolano, since from that place it is impossible to attack the last ascent, because the wall makes a species of extrasealed with lead belly, more inclined than the vertical, on a smooth rock. 16,00 h. I am in the heat of fights with those meters of deficiencies. It has been called on to me to go in front of this last length. I have returned for down and I must overcome a cornice covered with ice, which allows me to stick me to one smallest fissure that, by means of an artificial one totally hung, leads to me until the cave.