Tolerance Matter

It is tolerance to close the eyes before the racist attitudes? To ignore our neighboring immigrant? To think " that they do what they love while not me afecte"? We must take advantage of our life to enjoy it in climate harmony, peace, to take the opportunity that has occurred us to happen through this dimension, giving him passage to active tolerances that as it is indicated, " tolerance activa" it supposes a effort to include/understand to the other, to avoid the resentments, demands a change in way to think and about the feelings, but is the unique way to secure a true harmony that it cures old wounded and it reduces the suspicions between the people. We do not forget what Bertold Bretch gives to us on the subject: First they took to the Communists but it did not matter to me because I was not. Immediately they took to workers but it did not matter to me because I either was not. Later they stopped the unionists but it did not matter to me because I am not union. Soon they catched priests but as I am not religious either it mattered to me. Now they take to me but already it is behind schedule.

The certain thing, that in the Day the International of the Tolerance, all we are due to jeopardize with an active tolerance that allows the human beings to accept itself, to be respected and to live peacefully with the other. We trust that proposing all the day to us in growing like people, being more authentic in our values, moral., ethics, we could take passage to that to our entails us tolerance to those scenes that all we yearned for to enjoy while us the opportunity to be. We are totally conscientious of which to fight against the intolerance costs work, but it is the unique way to avoid that, someday, we pruned to finish like the personage of the poem. On us a world better depends guaranteeing than the one than we confronted. Original author and source of the article.