UNASUR Defense Council Out

He added that the American aim in the region was passed limits and advances on the countries of the region of Colombia, like Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil, who share a vast area, which is the Amazon. It seems that the Amazon out of rich countries and that they are those who want to fix the policies there. This is not the case, Amazon is our problem, and the proposals for the area should come out of the Amazon countries. He stressed that he invited the President of Estados Unidos Barack Obama to discuss these topics with Unasur, and requested that in September the block put on running a survey on the borders of the region to learn the facts about these matters the President Lula came in a moment to obfuscate by noting that it did not reach agreements, pure talk, trying to appear on television to make the press highlighted the figure of Presidents speakers turned without making specific proposals regarding the objective of the meetingsaid; Each speaking to his audience does not give a good result, visibly angry. The Brazilian President was allowed to challenge belt and complained that the leaders have appealed to rhetoric instead of adopting decisions which would have allowed before concluding with more concrete results.

By then Peruvian President Alan Garcia and Tabare Vazquez Uruguay already had withdrawn from the room. Review it observadorglobal.com.el poor compromise that foreign ministers will meet in September to continue talking about it and the study of the impact of the United States presence in the region by the UNASUR Defense Council is the only thing that is He pulled out in clean meeting. The coup in Honduras and the growing power of its Government de facto not achieved nothing more than a sentence. Almost as if they were more concerned with the official photo of rigor than by what his chancellors were drafted in conclusion of the meeting, the Presidents went out to the courtyard of the Llao Llao hotel and took the smiling photo.