Underwriter Thomas Filor Hunt

In the past six to eight months foreign investors were once more on German real estate. Magdeburg, 07.08.2013. German commercial real estate are attractive especially for American investors. According to calculations of the consulting firm Jones Lang LSalle JLL specialising in real estate, commercial properties changed hands in the first half of 2013 for 13.1 billion euros. According to expert forecasts, this value could double by the end of the year. Around 30 percent of the money invested as foreign buyers from Canada, the United States, Israel or even South Korea. Global players such as Morgan Stanley and J.P.

Morgan go ahead, many more to follow. It’s popping vermehr on investors who previously were not active on the German market and that investing for the first time directly in real estate. Meanwhile, the prices in the cities, such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich have grown sharply. Nevertheless, experts say, still worth an investment in Germany. Although the golden era, in which a return of 20 percent and more than guaranteed was, are past, but the prospects of winning are still very high, especially in light of low interest rates. Again invigorated interest in Germany’s real estate market for one due to the lack of range of other markets.

In addition, the German economy is very stable, which also attracts buyers. The figures speak for themselves: German Government bonds with a maturity of ten years now just drop a yield of about 1.5 percent. An office building delivered return on 2013, however, at least 4.74 percent in the second quarter, retailers bring it on interest income of up to 6.5 percent. That such returns in the top layers are attractive especially for investors with much equity on a shopping spree. Who as a small”investors in the booming real estate market wants to participate, even but not with the marketing and management knows, should providers such as the underwriter by Thomas Filor on board, providing the expertise. Because the issuer Faraman has worked for more than two decades in the real estate business. The Magdeburg provider has Many profitable projects supervised. Completely satisfied supporters and a good reputation are the result of a company that understands the real estate market and has a sensitivity for locations. The thriving East German cities are the core competence of the emission House Faraman. Recently, the project InCasa is implemented. From now on is also the capital of the offered portfolio. For more information,