USD Alignment

Collapse – this is the angle between the wheel and the vertical plane. If the upper part of the wheel is tilted outward, then the camber is positive, if inside the car – then the collapse of the negative. Toe (TOE) characterizes the orientation of the wheels relative to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. If the plane of rotation wheels intersect in front of the car, toe-positive, if the back – negative. In the latter case we can speak about the discrepancy between the wheels.

The work alignment with employees on site alignment is more difficult since of the substance is very small, and the alignment, each machine on average, does 2 times a year. After a run of 10-15 kilometers, after getting into a good hole, after repair, running, etc. Here you can attract the work of a man who worked Running on the road and as a teacher in addition to hire a wizard with experience in the area alignment for a good price. A month later artist you would no longer be needed, it is enough to keep in touch by phone difficult situations. On the day in my Car service, at only one lift in the alignment we are doing up to 20 vehicles, happened, and to 25, how it goes. At the beginning of the opening of car service, car on the alignment will be less, on average, 5 pcs. Take the average price for the alignment of one machine 30 USD.

Obtain 150 USD per day, 4500 USD per month. Continue with the good work, and advertising revenue will only increase. In my experience this is a very lucrative form of automotive services. Making Alignment is necessary to know the reasons for disposing of the car from the rectilinear motion: broken Ret-Various (alignment); different pressure in the wheels (by more than 0.5 atm.) A different pattern and tread width of left and right wheels, uneven wear on tires wheels podklinivanie brake pads or hand brake cable, the deformation of suspension parts or body parts (the deformation of the spar, the traverse or stretcher), broken CV joints (rarely, but it happens); faulty power steering (not working one valve). You can go on and write about the future structure of the service: car washes, repair, chassis and transmission, fuel conditioners, straightening and painting cars, toning, removing chipping and cracking of glass, sewing slipcovers, installing alarms and avtomuzyki etc. But as they say is another story. Article prepared by: Belimov JN Website: