Valentino Rossi

Elusive, elusive and distrustful in the track and beyond. To Casey Stoner no who caught it. There is no way to hook it to to get a photo with him or to sign an autograph. And there is no way, either, throw the glove in the circuits, less this course, in which the Honda feels wonderful. Stubborn as he is, be able to demonstrate that when it fell assiduously did not by its little expertise but a bike that is posing the straws to Valentino Rossi himself gives forces. It has genius. And, as a sweet bitter to anyone, he also enjoys covering mouths.

This course is in that. With seven victories. And a single zero in the box. An abandonment that was not even blame hers, as had been usual when he rode the Ducati. It was precisely that Desmosedici piloted by Rossi who took him by the soils at the circuito de Jerez, just started the Championship. I almost no trace of that already it is not stain. Injuries and bad luck of Pedrosa, on one hand, and the difficulties to understand with his Yamaha’s Lorenzo, on the other hand, pave you the way towards the title. Source of the news:: A Stoner not caught it