Venetian Republic

Historically, the territory of Croatia belonged to different states (the most important – the Roman Empire, Byzantium, the Venetian Republic, Austria-Hungary, Italy), and it left a significant imprint on the Croatian culture – from architecture to cuisine. Due to these influences, Croatia more Europeanized than the other Slavic countries of the Balkans (Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Bosnia). Croatia is an independent country since 1991, previously included in the Yugoslav federation, where Croatia was considered the most economically developed republic. However, the capital of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, Serbia has been made, and it laid the foundations for subsequent conflict, Serbs and Croats that ignited into open war in the early 1990's. After the bombing of Dubrovnik and Vukovar, Serb forces Croats are Serbs (and Montenegrins to) with open hostility. Features The best accommodation in Croatia accommodation in Croatia – apartments and private villas.

Most often, this arrangement is cheaper than in hotels. In the "high" season (late July – August) accommodation rates are soaring. In June and September, on the contrary, in Croatia can be rented villa or apartment luxury for a very reasonable price. The cost of accommodation is also dependent on the region: in the north of Croatia (Istria, Kvarner), where he was going a lot of Europeans, Accommodation in general is more expensive than in the south (Dalmatia). In the season in Croatia almost all apartments and villas by the sea shall be no less than 4 days, and often for a week. Large tourist hotels often made outside cities in order to preserve their historic flavor.

It is strongly recommended to seek accommodation on arrival, although take a rest rooms and apartments in private – general practice in Croatia. Features of the service in Croatia Croatia good tone to round restaurant by a large party. Not recommended at a restaurant to leave money on the table. Tipping is usually given as taxi drivers, bartenders, and tour guides. As Getting to Croatia from Moscow direct scheduled flights of Aeroflot in Zagreb, on local airlines ( at any airport. Charter Flights (May-September) from Moscow and St. Petersburg in Pula, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar. Other Airport: , Krk, Brac. You can also use charter flights to Tivat (Montenegro), the distance from Tivat to Dubrovnik 50 km. For a tourist trip to Croatia need only have a valid passport, a visa is not required. When crossing the border must present an invitation from the hotel or apartment owner or a voucher from the tour operator.