Virtual Travel

" It is in this sense, Russian-speakers used the terms 'virtual travel' in classical mechanics and the 'virtual particles' in quantum field theory. But in English word virtual has long had a broader meaning (its first meaning – "an actual, real ', and virtuality originally prevodilos as' the essence, being an actual party' and only then – as a 'virtual'). Maude Apatow: the source for more info. What is virtuality and what is its function in the modern world? According to the author Virtuality – a necessary and inevitable function of protecting the brain of modern man from an influx of information, the real world. and the root cause of such a notion in the modern world makes excessive demands for bandwidth, "the real world – the human brain." Scientific and technical progress in information technology only contributes to the development of virtuality. And what virtuality is better than reality? Reality is a cruel world where we are constantly witnessing the collapse of the hopes, the destruction of happiness, long way to go Fortunately, and an instant loss of his reasons for not depending on you. To achieve what you need to work hard.

Lose all very simple. Reality is one at all. In reality you are – just a fraction of the atom is almost no influence (for With rare exceptions) to the reality as a whole. It's all a reality. Now let us compare with virtuality. In the virtual center of the universe you are. You can always find a virtuality, where you are the center of the universe, or at least very important it component.