Volga River

Of course tomabamos also the Sun. That day I remember well so far. Weekdays (Mondays – Saturdays) we were working on the field naked and therefore at the end of the veraneal season we got blacks. Especially I. At noon after lunch We had 3 hours books to rest. Most of the inhabitants are acostaban asleep or half asleep in their rooms in the barrack.

It is that at noon the Sun pushed a lot and the temperature reached 35 degrees in the shade. There was almost no clouds in the sky and therefore it rained only 2 times during my stay in that place. And thats all? None of that! In that place he loved to exotic flora and fauna. Animals had snakes, turtles, insects had crickets in abundance, mantises. By the way up into the nearby river with stagnant water lived turtles and cancers, some fish species among which were Pike, there same swam viboros and other snakes.

The fact that cancers have inhabited in that river with stagnant water proof us that their water is pure. Every day when it was sunny, thousands (or millions) of crickets were the continuous murmur throughout the day. It is true that we used them to fish. It is not possible to enumerate all individuals of the creatures that lived there. As we were almost at the subtropical zone (48 degrees north latitude) there were growing some trees whose fruits and berries were features of subtropical areas. We ate peaches and other fruits and berries that were found in the trees and wild bushes. Of course we ate tomatoes also. I.e. we lived far from civilization and therefore leave you thinking about all problems. On the other hand I while I worked every day (except Sundays) spent that summer of 1992 very well. This hobby was something akin to rural tourism. By the way today continue to put in practice rural tourism and from my experience I know that they consider this type of tourism as one of the best. However to the charms which took that place when there were two weeks to return to Moscow (August 15) was tired of all the joys. Especially because by night to very cold (about 10 degrees) and had thousands of mosquitoes (if not to say millions of mosquitoes) not left in peace to us. Fortunately these ferocious carnivores mosquitoes appeared at the fall of the afternoon then that the Sun had gotten. For such inconvenience that wouldn’t let us out at night we had to caging in the barrack rooms. At the end of the season when we finished work they stopped carrying the boxes of tomatoes to Moscow. We returned to Moscow on August 30.